Monday, January 28, 2008

My first

it had to be a pizza
I had a ruff time shopping for ingredients

TOFU foxed me and google search tot me
but I used grated cheese instead

OLIVES were too expensive so i skipped it
I purchased all the other ingredients

Maria will kill me
the grocery bill came to 320 INR

Oh shit
I forgot mustard sauce


Vest said...

Forget the pizza, a slice of hairy pie will do nicely 'Thank you'.

krystyna said...

Your first pizza was very expensive.
But don't worry, after a few experiences your pizza will be the best!
Good luck!

krystyna said...

thanks for this perfect link about TOFU.

bindhiya said...

I have a pizza recipe in my blog...fool hubby and little one loves simple.. :))
♥ & ((hugs))